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Koerner Hall, TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning
273 Bloor Street West

All concerts 8:00 pm
(7:15 Pre-Concert Chats)
Koerner Hall at the Royal Conservatory


Esprit has commissioned over 100 new works from a range of established and emerging composers, including such internationally acclaimed Canadians as John Rea, R. Murray Schafer and Harry Somers, as well as up-and-coming composers, such as Samuel Andreyev and Adam Scime. Esprit has also premiered new works commissioned by NEXUS, CBC Radio, and the Art Gallery of Ontario, among others.

Recent Commissions:

Douglas Schmidt Sirens (2016)
Samuel Andreyev Movements and Measures (2015)
Omar Daniel Sinfonia Concertante (2015)
Andrew Staniland Vast Machine (2015)
Scott Good Resonance Unfolding 2 (2015)
Philip Cashian the world's turning (2015)
Samuel Andreyev The Flash of the Instant (2015)
Douglas Schmidt Just a Stranger Here Myself (2014)
Adam Scime Rise (2014)
Complete List

Esprit Orchestra Commissions of Canadian Music: 1983-2015

Composer Title of Work
David Adamcyk Arborescences
Robert Aitken Berceuse  
  Shadows V, concerto for flute and orchestra
Istvan Anhalt Sparkskraps
Sergio Barroso Jitanjáfora for violin and orchestra
  Concerto for Viola and Orchestra
Bob Becker Music On The Moon
John Beckwith Peregrine 
Norma Beecroft Esprit éternel for percussion, piano, harp, strings, 2-channel DAT tape
Allan Bell Concerto for Two Orchestras  
Roger Bergs Soundbites  
Rose Bolton Under Unturned Rocks
Walter Boudreau Berliner Momente III  
Denys Bouliane Snow is White but Water is Black
Tim Brady The Body Electric
Glenn Buhr Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
John Burke Alchemies 
Chan Ka Nin Ecstasy
Brian Cherney Into the Distant Stillness .
Michael Colgrass Side by Side
  New Work
Brian Current A Young Person’s Guide to New Music For Symphony Orchestra
  This Isn't Silence, Part II
Omar Daniel Glauben Sie es wird sich aufklären? (Do you think the sky will clear?)  
  Trope…for orchestra
  Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
  New Work
Paul Dolden Resonant Twilight
  The Heart Tears Itself Apart with the Power of its Own Muscles
Tomas Dusatko Traces of Becoming
  Toward Resonance
Wolf Edwards To Ergo Telmatothike
José Evangelista   Elephant in the Dark  
  Concerto for Viola and Orchestra
  O Gamelan
Harry Freedman Town
  Manipulating Mario
Paul Frehner Sanctuary
  Phantom Suns
Scott Good Babbitt, concerto for saxophones and orchestra
Denis Gougeon Enfant de la Terre et du Ciel Etoile  
Chris Paul Harman Axle
  Concerto for Viola and Orchestra
  Concerto for Cello and Orchestra
  14 Chorale Melodies
  Gott Lebet Noch, concerto for harp and orchestra
  Coyote Soul
Gary Hayes Freewheeling/Free Choice/Freedom 
Jacques Hétu Concerto #2 for Piano and Orchestra
Alice Ping Yee Ho Red Temple
Vincent Ho Fallen Angel
Petar Kresimir Klanac Ritournelle
Rudolf Komorous Sinfony  
Peter Paul Koprowski Rachel – Games and Daydreams of a Child 
  Sinfonia Mystica 
Henry Kucharzyk Prosthetic (Part I)
  Concerto for Violin and Brass Band
Larry Lake Slowly I Turn  
Christien Ledroit Streamlined
Michel Longtin Lettre de Roxana a Decebal Hormuz  
Alexina Louie Toothpaste
  Love Songs for a Small Planet  (revised for strings) 
  Gallery Fanfares, Arias and Interludes
Raymond Luedeke Little Rose  
Andrew MacDonald In the Garden of Gaea  
Christopher Mayo Under Dark Water for vocal quartet and orchestra
Maxime McKinley Wirkunst-Yourcenar
Bruce Mather Scherzo  
  Tallbrem Variations
  Concerto Grosso for micro-tone ensemble and orchestra
Christopher Mayo Knot
Samy Moussa Intermezzo for Orchestra
Phil Nimmons Of Moods and Contrasts (A Sound Poem)  
John Oswald Classic
Alex Pauk Split Seconds  
  Portals of Intent
  Concerto for Harp and Orchestra
  Farewell to Heaven
  Villanelle and Wind Chimes in a Temple Ruin
  Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra
Rudolf Peters The Seven Gates of Kur
Yannick Plamondon Piano Concerto
Wendy Prezament Glacial Fragments
John Rea Vanishing Points
  Time and Again
  Zefiro torna
  New Work
André Ristic Information (2001)
James Rolfe Ears, Nose and Throat
Erik Ross Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra
  Burn, concerto for alto saxophone, percussion and orchestra
Jeffrey Ryan Pangaea   
  eternal silence. . . infinite spaces  
R. Murray Schafer Scorpius  
  Patria V: The Crown of Ariadne
  The Falcon's Trumpet 
  Concerto for Viola and Orchestra
  The Palace of the Cinnabar Phoenix
  Wolf Returns
Ana Sokolovic Nine Proverbs
Douglas Schmidt A Fair
  Discouraged Passion
  The Devil’s Sweat (Carbon Concerto)
Harry Somers The Third Piano Concerto
Norman Symonds From the Eye of the Wind   
Gilles Tremblay Traversée for flute and orchestra
Barry Truax Dominion   
Owen Underhill Labyrinth of Ears  
John Weinzweig Devertimento No. 8 for tuba and orchestra
Scott Wilson Four Names of Beauty
John Wyre Peepers